I am a cultural and race identity coach, supporting  transracial families in creating a safe space of belonging for all family members.

I offer individual coaching sessions (not therapeutic services) that are guided by:

  • My 30 years of education, personal experiences and empathetic listening.
  • Your family’s needs, challenges, and successes around cultural and race identity.
  • Individualized action plan based on your family’s situation.

Consulting session topics may include (but not limited to) the following:

  • How to create a bicultural home for your black or biracial child(ren).
  • How to talk to family members about your decision and your expectations.
  • How to find mentors for you and/or your children. 
  • How to care for black skin and hair.
  • Knowledge of relevant cultural history and values needed for positive race identity.


Using my experiences as a mama of 5 biracial children and my degrees in child development and education, I am passionate about supporting families in created spaces of belonging. 

Consulting topics support where:

  • children develop habits of belonging (including self acceptance/belonging) and self-advocacy. 
  • parents support their children in becoming more independent, compassionate and socially engaged.
  • families who are interested in tackling hard conversations and tough issues but are not sure how to begin.

I also offer consulting sessions (not therapeutic services) offering strategies and practical action for families with children who:

  • have executive functioning issues
  • have been diagnosed with ADHD

Parenting Sessions are offered for individual families or a monthly group virtual coaching program. Click on the consulting packages to see what work best for you and your family.  

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