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Having a diverse workforce is a great start, but it’s not enough. Find out the relationship between diversity and inclusion and why it’s important to know the difference. This workshops outlines practical (and personal) ways leaders can understand what it takes for team members to feel like they BELONG in the work place. 

Your company is only as valuable as the talent it recruits and retains. This is why actively creating and cultivating a diverse workforce and a culture of inclusion is paramount to productivity and success. In this session, we will focus on your company’s responsibility for fostering a positive work culture, but most importantly, the emphasis will be placed on individuals’ role in sustaining an inclusive workSPACE where all colleagues are valued.

Leaders often find it challenging to give feedback due to a lack of clarity of the organization’s goals or standards of success. Fear often leads to critical or superficial feedback that is not beneficial to team members’ development. It takes courage to provide feedback that is specific, actionable,  and grounded in servant leadership. Courageous feedback is required for professional and organizational growth. This session calls for leaders to gain an understanding of how to compassionately equip others to succeed.

Inclusive team members engage in self-reflection and recognize how their own unconscious biases may impact colleagues and workplace culture.  In this session, team members will be challenged to uncover personal hidden assumptions and biases that may impact working relationships and inclusive practices within the organization. Collaboratively, we will discuss why these biases exist, why they should be challenged, and how to foster a culture of belonging and improved intercultural communication.

Dr. Traci P. Baxley
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