About Me

I am a mother and wife

Over two decades ago, I married a childhood friend and created my greatest joys, our 5 beautiful biracial children. As a mother of biracial children, I am extremely active in making sure they know, love, and embrace their blackness. I am very open and honest with what being black means in society, especially for my 4 black sons. As a mama, I am driven by compassion, social justice, and radical love. Not just for my birth children, but for all children. Through the use of age-appropriate children’s books, honest dialogue, and a space for inquiry—asking the hard questions—my husband and I are raising globally-minded, empathetic and mindful children. I talk openly to my children about topics of race, politics, and current social injustices. We also dig into belonging and race identity. There is no topic that’s off limits. I try very hard not to engage in fear-based parenting, but instead use that fear to propel me to dig deeper into the principles of radical love!

I am a life coach for moms

I support women who are in overwhelm, chasing the elusive balance instead of choosing harmony and grace. I help mons move from fear-based parenting to intentional parenting with radical love using my parenting philosophy, Social Justice Parenting. 

In addition, I work with Transracial Families (specifically white parents with black and biracial children) as a cultural and race identity coach supporting  families’ decisions in creating a bicultural home for their black or biracial children.

I am a speaker & educator

As an educator for over 30 years and a mother of 5 children, I use my experiences and expertise to offer supportive practices in parenting that develop trusting family relationships and build self-advocacy, independence and humanity in your children.


I have worked in Pre-K-16 educational settings for almost three decades. My career in child development and education began as an elementary classroom teacher in a Title I school, where my passion for serving families and supporting children’s right to belong began. After earning a doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction, with areas of specialization in literacy and multicultural education, I began my career as a professor in higher education. My areas of scholarship include belonging and inclusion, culturally responsive practices, multicultural literature, racial and identity development, and Black homeschooling. 

I have also worked with schools, organizations and corporations to investigate workplace communities and cultures that effectively support belonging, diversity and inclusion. I have co-authored two books on  areas of belonging and cultural identity, authored numerous publications, and presented research at conferences nationwide.  I am currently writing a book on my philosophy of Social Justice Parenting™, which teaches intentional practices to help parents transition from fear-based parenting to parenting from a space of radical love. 

Through my expertise in diversity, inclusion and belonging I have led corporate trainings, workshops and keynote speaking around the country on creating a workspace of belonging, Social Justice Parenting and helping busy, overwhelmed moms move from fear-based parenting to parenting with intention and radical love. Some of my past clients include American Express, BizChix, and Palm Beach County School Distict, and Broward County School District.

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